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It will be one of the most memorable days of your life... remember it forever with our captivating images, as magical as the moment itself.

You've planned it all to perfection… the dress, the flowers, the rings, the vows. Months of planning come down to one day, just a few short hours that begin the rest of your lives together. Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Your pictures are certainly worth a thousand memories.

We practice a unique combination of formal portrait photography along with an informal photojournalistic approach. Our style is appealing, because we are unobtrusive to your day. Formal portraits are fast and efficient to get you and your wedding party off to your reception without delay. Candid photos are discrete and do not interrupt the romance of your blessed day. Often times, a candid moment, just a fraction of time captures all the emotion of the whole day. Call or email us today to learn more and reserve your date. Let us be there to catch those emotions as they unfold.

Engagement Photo Sessions - Show the world you are in love. Engagement portraits are often used as newspaper wedding announcements, on a photo magnet, even in a signature mat. Couples often prefer this photo in black and white, but the choice is yours.

Bridal Portrait Sessions - The Bridal Portrait Session has all the excitement of your wedding day preparation, and the glamour of being the center of attention to the photographer. Relax and enjoy yourself. On location or in the studio, you'll receive captivating portraits you and your groom will treasure for a lifetime.

Photo Magnets - Photo Magnets are terrific reception give-away, send guests home with Schenk Photography portrait magnet. A wonderful way to thank them for attending, remind them of the big event, and show them where they can go to see your wedding pictures on the web after the event. We still see our magnets in homes of friends that attended our wedding four years ago!

Signature Mats - The Signature Mat is a unique twist to the traditional guest book. We'll complete yours with a portrait from your Engagement or Bridal Portrait Session. Hang in your home and enjoy the comments from friends and family years after your wedding day. A variety of colors and styles are possible to match the colors and mood of your wedding and invitation.

Online Photo gallery - A selection of the very best photos from your Bridal Portrait Session and Wedding Day will be displayed on the Schenk Photography web site for you and your guests to view. Good etiquette tip: When sending Thank You notes to guests that weren't able to attend, be sure to send a Schenk Photography photo magnet so they can view your wedding pictures on the web.

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