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 September 16-17, 2004


For twenty-five years, married couples have enjoyed a Christ-centered enrichment weekend known as the Fall Festival of Marriage.  The Fall Festival of Marriage is a designed to help a husband and wife grow in their relationship with God and with each other, all in a special, great-escape location.  

In the hectic pace of everyday life, making the time to create lasting memories can be difficult. That’s why Schenk Photography and Lifeway Christian Resources partnered to offer over 300 couples attending Nashville’s Fall Festival of Marriage Premier Event a complementary 5x7” portrait.  It commemorated the weekend of enrichment and revitalization, and will hopefully kindle their love throughout the coming year.

The elegant banner on the bottom of each photo features the Fall Festival of Marriage leaf logo, event name, location, and year.   What began, as a simple portrait opportunity quickly became a heartwarming evening of compliments and smiles.   Many couples thanked us, couples that had not had their portraits made in years.  No doubt, the event staff at Schenk Photography left the Festival of Marriage fulfilled, thankful to have been part of 300 marriages, dedicated to growth.

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