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 June 30, 2006

Schenk Photography on location in China

For three years, David Schenk has been the primary product photographer for Mapex Drums, located in Smyrna, TN.    With David behind the camera and Jeff Ivester, Director of Marketing, on layout and design, Mapex has experienced tremendous growth.   In preparation for the 2007 catalog, David boarded a Boeing 747 to make the trip to Tianjin, China to the parent company where the drums are manufactured.

The trip will involve 12 days, a 13 hour time difference, over 13,000 miles, and transporting more than 250 pounds of photography equipment.   Evidence that Schenk Photography will go to any length to showcase your company to the world.   For more information about how Schenk Photography can put your product on the map, contact us at   

David at the Great Wall of China


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