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 June 11 , 2005

Mt. Pleasant Benefit Ball

What better backdrop for the annual Mt. Pleasant Benefit Ball than the pristine and historic Rattle and Snap.   Well known for its regal attire and fundraising capability, this year’s Benefit Ball exceeded expectations for a night of sheer elegance.   Although remnants of tropical storm Arlene brought violent storms and pouring rain, it did not stop guests from enjoying the night. Thanks to the riveting rhythm of Burning Las Vegas most couples danced the night away even in soggy shoes. 

The original plan had been for Schenk Photography to portrait guests upon arrival in the gardens of Rattle and Snap with the historic home in the background.  However, the driving rain prohibited plan A from happening.   We quickly moved to plan B… green screen.

During a momentary break in the rain, we photographed the house from multiple angles, and quickly developed a green screen backdrop to place guests in front of.   Throughout the evening guests stopped by to have their portraits made and watched the green background magically become Rattle and Snap. 

You can trust Schenk Photography to complement any fundraising event.  Alongside cocktails, dinner, and a silent auction the commemorative photo opportunity becomes an excellent fundraising opportunity as well as an appreciated takeaway from any event.

If you were at the Ball, find your photo here.

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