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 June 27, 2005

Southwest Airlines finds "Freedom" with Schenk Photography

Like millions of travelers, when you are a passenger on any Southwest Airlines plane you will undoubtedly flip through the SPIRIT magazine found in your seatback pocket.   During the month of September, be sure to watch for the Freedom Story about Nashville,TN businessman Ed Day, with Day & Associates Inc.  The executive portrait of Mr. Day that accompanies the article is the work of David Schenk.

The opportunity to work with Southwest Airlines marks one of many company high-points for Schenk Photography.    Their satisfaction with our work has placed Schenk Photography on a short list of preferred photographers in the Nashville area.  

Other satisfied clients from our product and commercial division include C&D Realty, Gibson Guitars, Mapex Drums, Waterstone Guitars, U.S. Stamp, and Patriotism Rocks.   For more information about the product and commercial photography capabilities of Schenk Photography, please contact us at  


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