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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do you shoot all the teams in a condensed amount of time?   One of two ways:  A team of photographers start on the 18th hole and proceed backwards through the course to photograph each team.   Another option is to have a photographer stationed on two signature holes, such as the 10th and 18th.  This ensures that each team gets a premier background in their photo. 

2. At what point to you organize the team photo?    All of our photographers are extremely respectful of the game of golf and the focus of players.   We have plenty of time to obtain all the photos, so we allow them to play their game and discretely ask them for a photo once they have completed play on the specific hole.

3. When do you print the pictures?   Depending on the size of the event, it takes about 2 hours to get all the photos taken.  That gives us plenty of time to print the 5x7 photos and put them in presentation folders before the players make their way back to the clubhouse.


4. Where will you print the photos?  We request to be in the banquet room inside the clubhouse where any post-game awards presentations will be held.   This gives us the opportunity to quickly reprint any other photos the players might want, and to print additional prints for sponsors or event organizers.


5. What else do you need from the hosting organization?  Before the start of play: a list of teams, potentially a golf cart, and a list of any VIP’s you want additional photos of.  Post game:  it is as simple as an electrical outlet.  Our digital lab is encased in a rolling cart, that only needs power.  We have everything else onboard that we’ll need.    A table is helpful for laying photos out for players to pick up.


6. How do most organizations finance this?  The majority of events we have done use this photo as a gift to players for their contribution and participation.   It can be sold as a sponsorship opportunity, allowing yet another way for the organization to bring in sponsorship dollars.  It makes a good “longer-lasting” way for sponsors to get visibility.   In some instances, when sponsor names are abundant, the hosting organization will put their own logo on the photo just to reiterate to players whose tournament it actually was. 


7. Do you ever charge the players for the photo?   We have not yet worked with a tournament that did this.  Players have often paid a substantial amount to play in a tournament and the commemorative photo is usually a unique show of appreciation.   That being said, at almost every tournament when players pick up the photo they’ve asked “How much?”  They are always moved with gratitude when we have the pleasure to say, “Compliments of ___!”


8. What about candid photos from the event?  If you desire, we can also cover the pre-game registration, meal, and mingling.  We also provide photos of the post-game awards presentations and any sponsor booths/signage.  


9. Can I get a CD of the images?  Absolutely!  We always provide a CD of all the photos from the event to the organizer, usually within 24 hours of the tournament.   This is a complementary service provided to all Schenk Photography clients.   We include a release of copyright allowing you to use the photos for your newsletters, website, etc.


10. What goes into the creation of the photo banner?  Each event is different, and therefore so is each banner.   Typically, the banner includes the organization logo, a sponsor or charity logo, the event date, title, and possibly location.  If the event has a theme, specific website graphics, or colors we strive to coordinate the picture with the rest of your promotional items.  If you would like, we can offer you several designs to choose from prior to the event.


11. Can I see some samples of your work?  Of course!  The Event and Find your Photos portion of our website contains a wide variety of our event coverage.    We will be happy to meet with you personally, or mail you samples of recent events so you can see the print quality for yourself.


12. Will the pictures available on your website?  Yes.  If you desire, we can post the photos taken at your event in the “Find Your Photos” section on our website, and can be linked with your website.  Your guests can view and/or purchase photos from the online gallery.


 13. I’m virtually done planning my event; can I still add this feature?  Yes!   How much advance notice do you need to bring the onsite printing to my event?   Our calendar changes quickly, so while we do not need much planning time, you will definitely want to call well in advance to secure your date.  Contact Tracy at (615) 443-4361 or





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