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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What type of event is the onsite printing appropriate for?   ANY!  Our experience spans a wide variety of events.  We have brought the printing set-up to annual fundraisers, corporate parties and dinners, black-tie galas, sporting events, golf tournaments, even conventions.

    2. What is the value in adding Schenk Photography to my event?    The onsite printing option creates a great deal of excitement and energy no matter what the event type.  Guests will have the photo as a year-round reminder that builds anticipation for the coming year’s event.  Exposure for a photo sponsor is long-lasting, and the list goes on!  For more information: 10 Benefits

    3. What would I have to do to bring Schenk Photography to our event?  Call us!  After we confirm the date, we start working on creating the image, and any flyers or vouchers you request to promote the photo.   We require access to electricity and approximately 20x20’ of space.

    4. Where in the floor plan of my event is the best place for the photo opportunity?  An area where guests will mingle is best.   There is always an awkward slice of time when guests have nothing to do.  In the vicinity of a silent auction, cash bar, or entry foyer are all very successful.

    5. How is this offered to my guests?  There are two ways to offer this photo to your guests.  Prepaid -  paid for by the organization or a sponsor, therefore complimentary to guests.  A nice ‘Thank You’ for attending and supporting the event.   For Sale – We offer the photo opportunity to guests at a purchase price. 

    6. How could this become a fundraiser for my event?   Non-profit organizations have the opportunity to add a unique and impressive fundraiser to an event.  If the picture is free to your guests because of sponsorship dollars, you have sponsorship revenue, and we can also request a suggested donation amount from guests for the free picture.  If you offer the pictures for sale, we will determine a percentage to be returned to your organization.

    7. Celebrities will be at my event, how do I incorporate them into the photo?  There are several ways to photograph guests with the celebrity.  One example is a defined or rotating photo time which works great if you have more than one celebrity guest and it does not monopolize the celebrity’s time.  Or, you might consider the use of a VIP room.   We’ve worked many successful events with celebrity guests, and would be happy to share more ideas with you.

    8. What is the VIP room?  To maximize contributions or impress targeted guests, consider a VIP Room. If a VIP is attending your event, onsite printed photos with that VIP are part of a more prestigious reception before or after the event.   For this access, guests pay a premium, and in return get conversation, photo opportunity, and even an autographed photo to take home with them.

    9. What goes into the creation of the photo banner?  Each event is different, and therefore so is each banner.   Typically, the banner includes the organization logo, a sponsor or charity logo, the event date, title, and possibly location.  If the event has a theme, specific website graphics, or colors we strive to coordinate the picture with the rest of your promotional items.  If you would like, we can offer you several designs to choose from prior to the event.

    10. Can I see some samples of your work?  Of course!  The Event and Find your Photos portion of our website contains a wide variety of our event coverage.    We will be happy to meet with you personally, or mail you samples of recent events so you can see the print quality for yourself.

    11. Will we sign a contract/what are payment terms?  The contract is more to clarify the expectations of the Client & Schenk Photography.  It will describe the details we’ve already discussed.  Payment is requested at the time of the event, Net 10 is also acceptable.

    12. Can I get a CD of the photos from the event?   Yes.  We will sort the pictures and burn them to a CD within 24 hours of the event.  The CD (or DVD, depending on quantity of photos) will be mailed to you.  

    13. Will the pictures available on your website?  Yes.  If you desire, we can post the photos taken at your event in the “Find Your Photos” section on our website, and can be linked with your website.  Your guests can view and/or purchase photos from the online gallery.

14.  I’m virtually done planning my event; can I still add this feature?  Yes!  

How much advance notice do you need to bring the onsite printing to my event?   Our calendar changes quickly, so while we do not need much planning time, you will definitely want to call well in advance to secure your date.  Contact Tracy at (615) 443-4361 or




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